Hotfix released for Vtiger 7.1.0 GA

After the release of Vtiger 7.1.0 GA there were few issues identified such as: – Picklist colors were not appearing in List View- – Price being picked up incorrectly when using Pricebook- – Minor layout issues- etc.. Following that, Vtiger Team released a Hotfix today and re-packaged the downloads. Message from Vtiger team: Close to[…]

What’s new in Vtiger 7 – Add field from Related Module in Filter

In our previous article we went through Duplicate Record Prevention feature introduced in Vtiger 7.1. Let us go through another very interesting feature which allows you to add fields from other related modules in your filters (released in Vtiger 7).. For example, Contacts module has a Reference field of Organization Module. This feature allows you[…]

What’s new in Vtiger 7.1 – Duplicate Record Prevention

A day before Vtiger Team has announced the release of Vtiger 7.1 RC with new features and bug fixes. Duplicate Record Prevention is a new feature which has been shipped with Vtiger 7.1. This prevents creation of duplicate records from any source e.g. from browser, mobile or webservice. This is a great feature and really[…]

How to Open Emails in Vtiger Mail Manager

You can configure your work email supported by Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. in Vtiger Mail Manager. This allows you to open emails in Vtiger, use all the functions that you want to use in your email without changing any window. Lets go through this step by step. Click on Mail Manager from the main list on[…]

Tips and Tricks: How to Create Filters in Vtiger?

Create Filters in Vtiger With Vtiger CRM you can create list of filtered records in a module. You can do this by adding conditions used to filter a set of records in a module. For instance, you can quickly filter the records in a particular State and assign the records to your Sales Agent in[…]

Vtiger Twilio SMS Configuration

Twilio is a developer platform for communications- it is used to add capabilities like voice, video, and messaging to different applications. Vtiger Twilio SMS integration opens up a new channel for CRM users to reach out to the customers. How to configure Twilio SMS in Vtiger 7? Choose SMS Notifier Entity form the Support App. From[…]

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How to add custom field in Vtiger?

In Vtiger you can add custom field in entity modules [organizations, leads, quotes, products, contacts,etc.] of apps [marketing, sales, inventory, support, projects]. See the below image to understand what are entity modules and apps.       To add a custom field to Contacts entity module- First click on contacts and select Contacts Field &[…]

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