Predictive Analytics and CRM

Predictive analytics is using data and quantitative analysis to derive insights, use those insights to shape business decisions and improve business performance. Predictive analysis helps to determine the future outcomes based on data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques on historical data. Common uses of predictive analytics for Customer Relationship Management include: Optimizing marketing campaigns By[…]

Overview of VT Data Studio

  Create dashboards and reports for Vtiger CRM in seconds with VT Data Studio. Vt Data Studio helps you analyze your data quickly and efficiently. This articles covers the brief overview of various features of VT Data Studio like building and scheduling reports for Vtiger CRM, creating reports snapshots etc. Dashboards for Vtiger CRM Dashboards[…]

Vtiger Dashboard and Data Visualization

We understand and grasp information better when data is presented to us visually. And for management it is very important to get insights into their data quickly. One of our On Demand Vtiger customer recently approached us to check if we can visualize their HelpDesk data. They complained that their support staff are not very much clear[…]

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