How to add custom field in Vtiger?

In Vtiger you can add custom field in entity modules [organizations, leads, quotes, products, contacts,etc.] of apps [marketing, sales, inventory, support, projects].

See the below image to understand what are entity modules and apps.

marekting_entity Vtiger_sales_entity



To add a custom field to Contacts entity module- First click on contacts and select Contacts Field & Layout from the drop down Customize on the top right corner of the screen.




Now click on Add Block to create a category like Permanent Address Details in Contacts entity module and choose after which block you want to position it.





Now to create Custom Field under Permanent Address, scroll down to the block you have created (Permanent Address) and click on Add Custom Field on the top right of the block. Enter details- Label Name and Default Value if you want any. Enable the field properties –

Mandatory Field – if you want the field to be compulsory

Quick Create – if you want it to appear in Quick Create

Key Field View – if you want it to appear in Key Field View

Header View – if you want it to appear in Header View

Mass Edit- if you want to edit or delete it with mass selection
At some point, if you want, you can hide the field you have created by select edit and then choosing No in Show Field.
You can later view and reactivate the hidden fields by clicking on View Hidden Fields on the top right side of the block.
This customisation comes with a small limitation – you can not create custom Reference Fields without coding.
Example of Reference Field-
If you want help with adding custom fields, contact us and we will provide you with best services and solutions.
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