What’s new in Vtiger 7.1 – Follow record

Vtiger 7.1 is packed with many features. One of the feature which is introduced in Vtiger 7.1 is ability to follow a record.

When a user follows a record, when ever the details of that record are updated an email is sent to the followers.

To follow a record, click on the star icon from the list view or click on the Follow button in the detail view.



When an update is done on the record by some other user, and email notification is sent e.g.:



Isn’t that good?

Though, there is no option to change the content of Email and it s subject, it could be achieved easily with small code customization.

When we compare this feature with abilities on the On-Demand version of Vtiger, we have got option to see the list of all followers under a separate Followers widget.

Let us know what do you think about this feature of Vtiger 7.1.



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