Vtiger 7.1 released

Release of Open Source Vtiger 7.1.0

Today Vtiger announced the release of Vtiger 7.1.0 a much awaited release. Message from Vtiger Team: Dear members, We are happy to announce the availability of Vtiger CRM 7.1.0 GA today. This release mainly targets on improving stability over the redesigned Vtiger 7 UI​, which was rolled 10 months ago. Continuing the journey on the[…]

Vtiger Customization

Vtiger Customization : Managing Cost of Products offered by various Vendors

Vtiger Customization Overview This Vtiger Customization was requested by many of our clients who frequently purchase goods from various sources and  require to manage the cost of products offered by Vendors. This way they could choose the most feasible and beneficial Vendor while planning their Supply Chain. Also since this vtiger customization allows to auto-pick the[…]

Vtiger Customization

Vtiger Customization: Reading FAQs before Creating Tickets

Use Case: FAQs serves as knowledge base which users can refer to before creating a ticket. But users can skip reading FAQs and start creating tickets directly which stretches the turn around time. With Vtiger Customization, we can make it mandatory for users to check FAQs before creating a ticket. Overview: When you make FAQs[…]

Vtiger Customization

Vtiger Customization : Company Discount Configuration

Why do you need Company Discount Configuration? In B2B transactions usually fixed discounts are allocated for various companies for different products. If there is an automated process which picks up the discount and automatically adds it to the Invoice/Quote for the Product, the whole process will become a lot more manageable and smoother. With Vtiger Customization, once[…]

vtiger customization services

Vtiger Customization: Copy sum of approved quotes against an Opportunity into Opportunity amount field

When an opportunity accepts a quote and your sales executive updates this approved quote in quote details, we make sure that he doesn’t have to add this entry once again in opportunity details. Vtiger Customization with Automate SMB ensures that the accepted quote automatically gets updated in the opportunity details. If you have multiple quotes[…]

vtiger customization services

Vtiger Customization: Copy Event Description to Parent Comment

When your sales executive creates an Event/To-do related to a contact/quotes/sales order/invoice/leads/opportunity/tickets etc. on Vtiger and updates the description of the event, Automate SMB ensures the same description is automatically updated in the comments section of the related contact/quotes/sales order/invoice/leads/opportunity/tickets etc. This Vtiger Customization reduces the repetitive task of updating the details separately under different sections.[…]

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