Predictive Analytics and CRM

Predictive analytics is using data and quantitative analysis to derive insights, use those insights to shape business decisions and improve business performance. Predictive analysis helps to determine the future outcomes based on data, statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques on historical data. Common uses of predictive analytics for Customer Relationship Management include: Optimizing marketing campaigns By[…]

Overview of VT Data Studio

  Create dashboards and reports for Vtiger CRM in seconds with VT Data Studio. Vt Data Studio helps you analyze your data quickly and efficiently. This articles covers the brief overview of various features of VT Data Studio like building and scheduling reports for Vtiger CRM, creating reports snapshots etc. Dashboards for Vtiger CRM Dashboards[…]

Twilio SMS Extension for Vtiger

Twilio is a developer platform for communications- it is used to add capabilities like voice, video, and messaging to different applications. Vtiger Twilio SMS integration opens up a new channel for CRM users to reach out to the customers. Twilio SMS for Vtiger can be used for- Sending and receiving SMS as and when required. Making SMS[…]

Hotfix released for Vtiger 7.1.0 GA

After the release of Vtiger 7.1.0 GA there were few issues identified such as: – Picklist colors were not appearing in List View- – Price being picked up incorrectly when using Pricebook- – Minor layout issues- etc.. Following that, Vtiger Team released a Hotfix today and re-packaged the downloads. Message from Vtiger team: Close to[…]

Vtiger 7.1 released

Release of Open Source Vtiger 7.1.0

Today Vtiger announced the release of Vtiger 7.1.0 a much awaited release. Message from Vtiger Team: Dear members, We are happy to announce the availability of Vtiger CRM 7.1.0 GA today. This release mainly targets on improving stability over the redesigned Vtiger 7 UI​, which was rolled 10 months ago. Continuing the journey on the[…]

What’s new in Vtiger 7 – Add field from Related Module in Filter

In our previous article we went through Duplicate Record Prevention feature introduced in Vtiger 7.1. Let us go through another very interesting feature which allows you to add fields from other related modules in your filters (released in Vtiger 7).. For example, Contacts module has a Reference field of Organization Module. This feature allows you[…]

What’s new in Vtiger 7.1 – Duplicate Record Prevention

A day before Vtiger Team has announced the release of Vtiger 7.1 RC with new features and bug fixes. Duplicate Record Prevention is a new feature which has been shipped with Vtiger 7.1. This prevents creation of duplicate records from any source e.g. from browser, mobile or webservice. This is a great feature and really[…]

Release of Vtiger 7.1 RC (with demo link)

Vtiger today announced the release of Vtiger 7.1 RC version, which is available on sourceforge for download. We are really excited to see new features and enhancements. Message from  Vtiger team about Vtiger 7.1: We would like to update you that Vtiger community edition V7.1 RC has been published in which will includes the following features and fixed 100+ bugs[…]

Vtiger SLA Extension

Vtiger SLA Extension

Name: Vtiger SLA and Business Hours sExtension Cost: 500 USD Compatibility: 6.x/7.x     Service level agreements, or SLAs, play a significant role in service-based industry. With SLAs customer support teams adhere to contractual agreements to provide services and resolve issues within an agreed time frame. With Vtiger SLA Extension, you can add Service Level[…]

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