January 10, 2018

Vtiger Upgrade

Vtiger keeps on getting regular updates and new versions. Vtiger has released 2 new version in last 2 years. Latest version being Vtiger 7.1 with tons of new features like duplicate record prevention, improved UI, support for latest PHP version and much more.

With new versions comes better security. CRM being such a data sensitive application it is very important that you keep your system up to date.

Though Vtiger provides a Migration framework with each of its release to migrate from older version, many things could wrong during the upgrade process such as:

  • incomplete migration
  • partial or full data loss
  • custom modules not being migrated

Further if you have customized your CRM's code it might need some effort to make the code changes compatible with the new version.

Automate SMB provides Vtiger Upgrade service ensuring that you do not loss any data and upgrade being done completely. We can also port your customization to the newer version.

Fill out our form below and we shall help you with Vtiger upgrade to the latest version:

Some of the features which you get upon upgrading to latest version:

  • Better User Interface
  • Duplicate Record Prevention
  • Ability to Follow a Record
  • Multiple Dashboards and ability to pin Reports to your Dashboard
  • File upload support in Webforms
  • Picklist Coloring
  • Search in Related Lists
  • Inline Edit from List View
  • Separation of Create and Edit permissions
  • Support for Mobile version
  • Improved Workflow Management
  • In built support for various SMS services like Twilio
  • Improved Filters management
  • Drag and Drop support for document creation
  • Ability to preview Documents
  • Improved Tag functionality with Public and Private access
  • More than 400 bug fixes
  • Support for various Vtiger Extensions

And much more...

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