Overview of VT Data Studio


Create dashboards and reports for Vtiger CRM in seconds with VT Data Studio. Vt Data Studio helps you analyze your data quickly and efficiently. This articles covers the brief overview of various features of VT Data Studio like building and scheduling reports for Vtiger CRM, creating reports snapshots etc.

Dashboards for Vtiger CRM

Dashboards allows you to add multiple reports on one screen.  Dashboards come with a lot of different features like full screen mode. You can also expand individual reports on the dashboard to full screen, see the data, save report in excel or pdf mode.

Auto-refresh reports in dashboards

We support auto-refresh option in dashboards. You can choose the frequency at which you want the reports on the dashboard to refresh automatically.

Embed Dashboards

VT Data Studio comes with a special feature of embedding the dashbaord on VTiger CRM. The dasboard can also be embedded on other applications and html pages. This can be used for showcasing the dashboards and reports on a big monitor.

Reports for Vtiger CRM

VT Data Studio supports various charts such as Geo chart, line chart, pie chart etc. Its fairly easy to create a report in VT Data Studio. VT Data Studio allows you to access different data sources to pull out your data from. You can also choose from different modules like Tickets, Leads etc to create your report. in the upcoming version we will be adding support for more charts.

Reports Filters 

We support permanent filter that you can add to you report. Along with this we also support dynamic filters for other attributes. This helps to apply filter to the report as and only when you choose it to be applied,without modifying the conditions of the report.

Types of Charts 

We support different kind of charts like Pie Chart, Line Chart, Area Chart, Column Chart, Gauge Chart, Geo Chart, Map, Table Chart, Metric Chart, Pivot Chart. We also have the traffic light feature in VT Data Studio where you can give different colored light like red blue and green to your data depending on the conditions you have set. In the next version of VT Data Studio we will supporting more charts.

Schedule Reports 

You can also schedule and send reports through email as and when you want. You can set the frequency of the schedule to daily, weekly etc as well.

Snapshot of Reports

Snapshots are a clone of reports. As the data of the reports keep changing over a period of time, to save the report with current data you can create a snapshot and save it in VT Data Studio. You can connect with any other BI tool such as Google Data Studio, Pentaho and Power BI etc.

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