Hotfix released for Vtiger 7.1.0 GA

After the release of Vtiger 7.1.0 GA there were few issues identified such as:

– Picklist colors were not appearing in List View-
– Price being picked up incorrectly when using Pricebook-
– Minor layout issues-

Following that, Vtiger Team released a Hotfix today and re-packaged the downloads.

Message from Vtiger team:

Close to a week now after 7.1.0 GA,​ we spent time watching incoming issue​s​ ​and
discussion​ ​cornered on the release — as it got launched into few production servers.

We were happy to see the smooth ​reception of the release ​with only handful of issues that
needed to be​ addressed​ (available on master).

​Build Changes​
– To make it easy for new adopters or migrators, we ​have ​re-packaged the downloads of 7.1.0 GA​.
– If are already on 7.1.0 GA – please ​download hotfix1 ​to patchup the setup (unzip into installed folder).

SHA References:
7.1.0 GA – 3e6c5d1fce6730b412f31818716735df18270a45
7.1.0 Hotfix1 – dd6fa59842bf81468ab6cf291075ed500b850a36

What’s Next?
Run ​through discussions forum.
Preparatory study to start on 7.2.0 development.

​Have a great weekend.​

Want to upgrade to to Vtiger 7.1 or apply the hotfixes? Let us know.


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