Release of Vtiger 7.1 RC (with demo link)

Vtiger today announced the release of Vtiger 7.1 RC version, which is available on sourceforge for download. We are really excited to see new features and enhancements.

Message from  Vtiger team about Vtiger 7.1:

We would like to update you that Vtiger community edition V7.1 RC has been published in which will includes the following features and fixed 100+ bugs
  1. Follow A Record (Following a record is a nice fashion of marking a record as a favorite. This will act as a shortcut to get to favorite or active records. By following a record you get updates on it as the users modifies the record).
  2. Duplicate Record Prevention (Prevent duplicate records in Vtiger from all sources by enabling the duplicate check)
  3. Webform Attachments (Allow user to attach files to web forms)
  4. Import Users Using .CSV file (Supports importing User data using .csv file)
  5. Supporting Mysql V5.7
  6. Customize modules icons and bugs

What is RC?

RC stands for Release candidate, in other words it is a beta version with potential to become final product.

Why RC?

RC helps to gain input and testing feedback from clients and customers. With your valuable input the product could be further tuned before the final release.

To help you with that, we have setup a Vtiger 7.1 RC version for you to test and play around:

user: admin password: admin

user: demo password: demo

The main feature which has been introduced is Vtiger Duplicate Record Prevention, which could be easily configured to prevent any duplicate data from any source.

Please feel free to play around and check the new features, report any issues which you find under the comments.

Got any questions? Contact us now!

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