Vtiger Customization: Reading FAQs before Creating Tickets

Use Case: FAQs serves as knowledge base which users can refer to before creating a ticket. But users can skip reading FAQs and start creating tickets directly which stretches the turn around time. With Vtiger Customization, we can make it mandatory for users to check FAQs before creating a ticket.

Overview: When you make FAQs mandatory, when a user wants to create a ticket he/she has to to fill in few basic details like Category. The FAQs get filtered according to the details entered by the user, only the related FaQs appear. If the filtered FAQs are not useful to the user, a ticket can be created.

In Vtiger, we can also track which FAQ has been read how many times, this helps to analyse the FAQs.

Lets go through this Step by Step.

If you click on Add Ticket under Tickets, you will be redirected to Linked FAQ. Once you enter the details – Site Code and Categories, the FAQs will appear on the screen.




When you Click on the FAQ you will see the detailed answers.



Once you read the FAQs and you still can’t solve your issue, you can raise the Ticket by clicking in Add Ticket on the top right of the same screen. Then you can create the ticket.


Vtiger Customization


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