Vtiger Tips and Tricks: How to setup Picklist Dependency?

What is a Picklist  field in Vtiger CRM?

Picklist is a dropdown field with list of options available, within which, only one option can be selected. In Vtiger, you can show values in Picklist based on value selected in other Parent Picklist. For example, if you setup Picklist dependency between Picklist Country and Picklist State, when you select State as Karnataka in Parent Picklist, then the Picklist containing Country will only show Country India.

How to show values in Picklist based on value selected in other Parent Picklist ?

Go To Contacts, then from Customize drop-down select Contacts Fields and Layouts. Click on Add New Field at the bottom of the section you want to add the Picklist to <Example- Address Details>. Create the Custom Field with Field Type as Picklist for Country and State.

Under Settings select CRM Settings. Under Configuration in the list on the left side of the screen, select Picklist Dependency.  Click on Add Picklist Dependency on the top right of the screen. Choose the Module <Example Contacts>. The Source Field will be the Parent Picklist <State>. The target Picklist would be the dependent Picklist <Country>. Untick the combination of Country and State that you don’t want to have.



When you enter the details of Contacts and you choose Picklist State as <Karnataka>, Picklist Country <India> automatically appears.

Picklist Dependency

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