Vtiger Tags in List View Extension

Tags in List View

What are Tags?

Tags are a way for personalized grouping of records. It is a like a label which you could associate with a record .  This could be very handy in finding out a records which you feel are in same group.

Tag Cloud in Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM provides Tagging feature where in you can Tag a record from its Detail Page. Also it has got a Dashboard widget called as “Tag Cloud” which shows all the Tags in the system. You can read more about it here.

Then why this extension ?

Though Vtiger CRM has tagging feature it is very hard for user to find records with a certain Tag.  User has to go to the record’s Detail page to view the Tags associated with that record.

To make it easier we have introduced Tags in List view extension which shows all the configured Tags against a record in the List view.


Tags in List view


The extension comes with a configuration panel where user can select color for Tags and also could select which Tags must appear in the List View. This could be configured by every user for himself.


Tags in List View configuration

More over when the user clicks on any Tag from list view, it open up a popup which shows all the records across modules which have the same Tag.

Tags related records

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