Vtiger Email Drip Campaign

Vtiger Email Drip Campaign

Cost: 500 USD

Compatibility: 6.x./7.x


Email Drip Campaigns

Drip campaigns are communication strategy applied to emails, SMS, calls etc., which sends a set of pre-configured messages in sequence over time to customers or prospects.

Such as welcome email is sent to customer during signup, followed by email with video tutorials for the product and then followed by a  feedback email after 3 days.

If operated manually it would be a daunting task to manually send email everytime the trigger happens.


Email Drip Campaigns in Vtiger CRM

Email drip campaign module in Vtiger CRM allows you to schedule all your drip campaign emails with personalized content. Some of the salient features are:

  • Linked to Vtiger Campaign module
  • Could be sent to Leads, Contacts, Organizations
  • Can select which email field to be used
  • You can configure separate email account for each campaign
  • You can enable active subscribers loading, as such subscribers are added to drip campaign on the fly, as they are added to Campaign
  • Could be started manually or scheduled
  • Support for unsubscribe link
  • Dashboard and reports to get quick insight about your Email drip campaign
  • Open and sent Email tracking

If you are also using our Razorpay Payment Gateway integration then you can also generate a payment link and include in your email.

Check out a brief 5 min video to get an overview of Vtiger Email Drip Campaign extension:

Features coming soon:

  • Ability to attach files
  • Tracking clicks on link in email
  • Dynamic email content

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