Vtiger Google Form and Sheet extension

Vtiger Google Form and Sheet Extension

Cost: 100 USD

Compatibility: Vtiger 6.x.x

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Google Forms are one of the easiest and flexible webform options available. They could be used for any purpose be it for surveys, feedback collection, contact forms etc..

Vtiger integration with Google Forms allows you to seamlessly synchronize data as soon as a response is submitted. This extension could be used with Google Sheets as well, which allows us to push data from Google Sheet to Vtiger CRM as soon as it is added.

Want to give it a try?

Submit a sample Google Form below –

(click here if unable to view form)

As you submit the form, you can check that a new Contact record has been added in Vtiger CRM at:


username: demo

password: demo

Interested to have this extension for your Vtiger CRM? Contact us now –

Cost: 50$

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