Vtiger Extension Store – What is it ?

It has been long that Vtiger has launched Extension Store. It came with the release of Vtiger 6.

But, even then most of Vtiger users are unaware of what Extension Store exactly is.

In simple terms Vtiger Extension is an online store where you can buy verified Vtiger extensions and install in your Vtiger CRM. It is fairly very simple to do so.

You just need to navigate to your CRM settings page, look for the Extension Store button (in Orange, left side panel bottom). As you click on it, the Vtiger Extension Store opens up, your gateway to a wide variety of extensions!

Search for extensions which you are looking for and purchase it, which would need you to create an account like any other online store.

If you are thinking what are extensions, they are like Addons which could be easily plugged in to you Vtiger CRM (as they are module manager compatible) and adds more values to your CRM. Extension could be anything like integration with third party applications, tweaks and changes to Vtiger for more productivity, usability or even language packs.

Explore the Vtiger Marketplace right now and make more sense out of your Vtiger CRM.


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