October 24, 2017

Reseller Partner Channel

This is suitable for those who have a good Sales and Marketing Team along with CRM consulting expertise and are looking for CRM Technology provider.

Role and Returns as Reseller Partner

As a Reseller Partner you would be involved in Sales and Marketing activities and getting new Customers for our Cloud Solution. You would be investing into promoting our cloud solution.

Reseller Partner would be also involved in all the client interactions and Consulting. Such as collecting requirements, understanding business process, operational support etc.. In short you are the Client Facing army.

Reseller Partner can promote its brand name as the CRM solution provider. But, you need to mention Automate SMB as your Technology provider. Automate SMB shall manage all the CRM instances and would invest in Technical resources like Cloud Servers, Development Team, etc..

In return you would receive defined x% as commission of the total value of subscription by the user. So, if the customer has 10 users, you would receive x% of total subscription value (no. of users x per user per month cost). Please contact us to know more about the Commission percentage.

Liabilities, Intellectual Property

Please note that there would be no change in the Pricing of our Cloud Solution. If at any point of time you would like to move your Customers from our Cloud Solution, you shall be provided with complete Data of the customer but not the CRM source code.

All intellectual property rights shall stand with Automate SMB. There shall be no constraint on Automate SMB from selling various customization/integration/addons as a solution.

All the liability in terms of Data e.g. Data loss, Data theft, Data corruption etc. shall stand with the Reseller Partner. But Automate SMB shall take utmost care to prevent such loss. Some of steps which we take are:

  • Military level encryption
  • SSL encryption
  • Restrictive access to the Production servers and data

If you would like to  have your own Pricing Model and intellectual property rights please refer to our Business Development Program.



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