October 24, 2017

Business Development Program

Business Development Program is for those who want to have their own Pricing Models and more control on the Intellectual rights. Such as, if you would like to offer a pricing based on the number of records or different subscription intervals etc..

Roles and Returns

Business Development Partners would be involved in all the client facing activities such as Requirements collection, Business Process discovery etc.. Partners would be investing in promoting their brand name and services. But unlike the Reseller Program, here you would be also investing into the Resources required for the hosting platform such as Servers, Monitoring Applications etc..

Automate SMB shall be involved in providing technical solution which would be best feasible as per hosting resources available and the pricing model. There would be no mention of brand name of Automate SMB.

The partner shall be investing in development of the customized CRM and the hosting platform as per your choice.

Responsibilities of Automate SMB shall be:

  • to implement the hosting platform
  • to implement the customized CRM solution
  • to implement CRM solution as per the requirement for customers
  • to manage and maintain upgrades/releases
  • to suggest various technical solutions

Intellectual Property

There shall be no constraint on Automate SMB from selling various customization/integration/addons implemented by Automate SMB as  solution unless otherwise agreed in prior. All other intellectual rights shall stand with the Partner.


Partner shall be paying for the development effort at a pre-agreed price charged per Working Day. partner shall also be paying $2000 per year to Automate SMB to compensate for the Branding.

Please contact us to get more details.



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